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Behavioral Health

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The Behavioral Health Unit at Easton Hospital is a 16-bed inpatient care unit serving older adults who can benefit from behavioral health treatment and require a short inpatient stay.

Life’s changes can impact us in many different ways. A recent death, medical diagnosis or other challenges associated with aging may trigger a change in mood and disrupt our daily living. That's when our loved ones need the support of specially trained individuals to improve their well-being.

Treatment is available for a variety of conditions including but not limited to depression, psychosis, bipolar disorder, anxiety and behavior problems associated with dementia. Patients are cared for by psychiatrists, social workers, registered nurses, and behavioral health technicians.

The program is also designed to educate patients and families on ways to better understand their conditions, develop healthier coping skills and create a safe and secure follow-up plan for post discharge care.

Treatment Services:

  • 24-hour monitoring and supervision

  • Diagnostic assessment and evaluation

  • One-on-One visits with a psychiatrist

  • Stabilization and management of medications

  • Individual, Group and Activity Therapies

  • Management of medical needs and issues

  • Patient and family education

  • Assistance with discharge and aftercare planning

If you or someone you love is experiencing one or more of the following conditions, we can help:

  • Harm to self and/or suicidal thoughts

  • Threat to others (including physician and/or verbal aggression

  • Increased aggressiveness, upsetting behavior and/or agitation

  • Mood problems

  • Psychotic symptoms (hallucinations)

  • Changes in thought processes

  • Recent weight loss, sleep disturbances and/or social isolation

Referrals for admission are accepted from:

  • Physicians

  • Home health or social service agencies

  • Another facility

  • Home/residence


    Consumed By Chronic Stress? Small bursts of stress can be motivating and beneficial (for example, your in-laws are arriving in a few hours and you need to clean your whole house). But long-term stress caused by working at a breakneck pace for weeks on end or having ongoing money, job, health or relationship problems can severely strain your health and well-being.